There are a lot of articles – some good, some not – when you go searching for them. I just did a search “growing your business” on Google, and there were 207 Million results !!!.

So, I don’t want to just add another one. Instead, I thought I’d focus on some basic things that VC3P can do for you.

If you’re looking to increase your revenues in a sustainable way (so that profitability isn’t adversely affected) then we’re here to help. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Really get into Social Media, and online marketing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as the results.
  • Get a LinkedIn Company Page set up. Get your staff to link to this page.
  • Get a Twitter Page. Think about the sorts of knowledge you’ve got that others might value.
  • Get a Blog happening. The same comment as above about Twitter applies.
  • Acquire Lead Generation services. These are very effective, provided you’re clear on what a qualified lead means to you.
  • Acquire some Business Channel Development services. These are services that are knowledgeable about your offerings, and connected to the sorts of businesses you want as customers.
  • Talk to your suppliers, they may also become your customers in some fashion – or refer you on to other customers.
  • Talk to your current customers, a referral/testimonial from them is incredibly power.
  • Consider new incentives for your team (search for “Phantom Shares” as just one powerful way to drive growth).
  • Consider interim executives as a way to cost-effectively boost your business whilst leaving business-as-usual intact.
  • Look at restructuring of your business – your current operations might be what’s holding you back.
  • Consider an Advisory Board; experts in their field are always worth far more to you than “generalists”.
  • Do health-checks on key projects. These may not be as healthy as you thought, forcing you to incur more expense but with “impaired benefits” (this is project management speak for less revenue than you’d expected to see from the project completing successfully).


If you’re looking to strip costs out of your business without compromising the results your customers experience then we’re also here to help. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Join a buying group. These can drive substantial cost out, whilst you still get exactly the same item.
  • Focus on the “5 most important things for today” – make sure your activities align with these.
  • Stop responding to emails as soon as they pop into your inbox. Block out 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a day, with the goal of having an empty inbox. The 4D’s …. Do | Delegate | Dump | Defer … defer is only to be used if you can’t actually complete it right now because of waiting for something/someone else.
  • If you have un/under utilised space in your business … can you sublease it ?.
  • Are you optimising your supply-chain, can you rationalise your supply chain ?.
  • Have you considered getting a “Lean Thinking” assessment of how your processes work ?.
  • Ask your team … they can tell you exactly what isn’t working, but also how it would work better.
  • Laptop PC’s consume 90% less power than a desktop PC.
  • Look at shared services for everything from Servers/Email to Book-keeping/Legal/Marketing.
  • Are your team properly trained, so that they operate at optimal performance ?.

VC3P has deep expertise in Capital Raising, Debt Funding, Information Technology, Business Channel Development, Advisory Boards, Project Management, Strategic Consulting, Web 2.0 and even Web 3.0. If we don’t have the necessary skills in-house, then one of our alliance partners certainly does; you can contact us on and we are happy to help you with your Topline and Bottomline requirements.