In Australia there are 10’s of Thousands of businesses in the $5M to $250M turnover size.

Most have the same issues as the $Billion businesses, but they cannot afford to pay $250K to $1M+ per year for a specialist Advisory Board.

Issues companies need to address for sustainable success – whilst doing business:


Business growth strategies

Increase in competition

Succession planning

Changes in business process


Strategic vision


Ageing management team

Divergent risk-appetite of Executives

Disconnect between Board and Executives

Finance, Commercial and Legal

Maintaining margins

Keeping focus on bottomline

Fixed-price contracts

Minimising legal exposures

Risk vs Reward management

Capital to sustain growth

Cost of money

Return on Investment &/or Capital

Exposure to currency fluctuations

Mergers & Acquisitions

Research & Innovation

Lead-time to Revenue

Innovation by competitors

Cost of innovation

Cost of NOT innovating

Value-creation opportunities

Service-line extensions

Product-line extensions

New entrants re-shaping a market (eg: Google)

When to innovate, and when to wait

Intellectual Property protection

Human Resources/Capital

Knowledge retention

Cost of Retention vs Acquisition

Motivation and productivity

Fixed vs Variable workforce

Total Cost of Employee

Skills transfer

Team morale

Poor internal communications

No sense of ownership/belonging by staff

“Bench” management

Sales & Marketing

Qualifying opportunities

Increasing gross margins

Salesforce efficiency

Brand Identity

Brand Promise vs Service Delivery

Customer experience

Product/Service differentiation

Channels to market

Channel management

Market segmentation


Dis-integrated systems

Business/Technology alignment

Outdated technologies

Cost of ICT operations

In-house vs Outsourced

Poor documentation

Limited/No knowledge of systems in use

Not leveraging the full benefits of technology

Unable to make sense of voluminous data

Rising power & consumable costs

The list of challenges facing small to medium, and even large, businesses is bewildering.

The items covered above are only a small sample of the total array of issues that distract business owners and executives away from their main concern – which is making or saving money.

As it just happens, we offer an Advisory Board Bureau that provides you with access to all the expertise you need, when you need it, to help you navigate your way through incredibly complex issues that are taking up TIME YOU DON’T HAVE.

Expertise available through our Advisory Board Bureau

The following list gives you a sense of the expertise at your disposal as/when you need it.

  • Drop-in CEO, COO, CTO, CIO or CFO for a short-term engagement to turn around a company.
  • Development/Review/Validation of a Marketing Strategy or Plan.
  • Mentoring and Measurement of a Sales Team.
  • Mentoring of the CEO/CFO/COO through periods of dramatic change in the business.
  • Development/Review/Validation of a Business Growth Strategy or Plan.
  • Support the business executive team through the pains associated with actual business growth.
  • Oversight of the Acquisition or Divestment of Businesses &/or Business Units.
  • Creating, or Maintaining, High-Performing Teams within a business.
  • Dealing with staff, talent and knowledge retention (or high turnover)
  • Mediating between the Executive Team and The Board where there is a disconnect.
  • Development/Review/Validation of an ICT Strategy or Plan.
  • Oversight of the creation of a Project Management Office to handle all project activity.
  • Health-Check, or Audit, of specific projects that are concerning Management.
  • Specialist sector-specific advice relating to Product/Service innovation.
  • Expanding your sales channels.
  • Health-check of your IT Systems.
  • Benchmarking your Outsourced service providers against industry accepted performance.

So, we can deliver to your business the same quality of Advisory Boards that $Billion businesses have, but with a small business price tag.

How do we do this ?. We’ve aggregated many $5M to $200M businesses, who use our Advisory Board service as a Bureau, which means we can afford to pay for Top Talent by sharing the cost across many businesses.

What will it cost you …. Let’s talk to understand what you need, it could be as little at $5,000 per month.